At GCVC, we utilize a motorized float system for routine maintenance and preventive dental care in horses of all ages. Horses require regular dental attention because their teeth continuously erupt throughout most of their life. Horses often develop sharp points and hooks based on how they chew and break down feed material over time. Yearly maintenance can prevent the development of permanent dental disorders, irritation to soft-tissue structures in the mouth, dropped feed, and weight loss. Other medical concerns include the inability to break down forage that can lead to impaction in the intestinal system and development of colic.

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital ultrasound provides high quality, detailed images of the soft tissue structures of the body.

Digital Radiology
The use of digital radiography has been fundamental in equine diagnostic imaging. GCVC is equipped with the latest in digital radiography. The radiographic potential of our equipment allows us to image the vast majority of the horse, in the most efficient way with the highest quality images.

Herd Health and Wellness

  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Coggins


Ocular issues are very common in horses and can quickly turn into an emergency. Due to the location of the horse’s eye on the side of the head, they are prone to injury. Common injuries include corneal ulceration, eyelid lacerations, and ocular foreign bodies.


GCVC works closely with their farrier to solve many foot conditions and problems. Conditions affecting the foot that are frequently managed include:

  • Acute and chronic laminitis
  • Fractures
  • Navicular syndrome
  • White line disease
  • Hoof wall cracks

We use diagnostic imaging to develop a treatment plan for your horse’s feet. Our team offers advice for your farrier at home in providing management for your horse’s foot problems.

Sports Medicine

GCVC performs lameness exams and pre-purchase exams on your equine athletes. With the use of diagnostic modalities and therapeutic options, we evaluate lameness and provide treatment to keep your horses in top performance condition.

Minor Surgeries

  • Castration
  • Laceration Repair
  • Enucleation
  • Mass Removal